Coaching and Consultation  

Create a home education program that honors your child's essence 

Practicing emergence means being conscious that our day-to-day interactions shape constant change. Coaching services are for parents committed to growing their capacity to educate their children mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Homeschooling culture is diverse and rooted in various theories, practices, and belief systems. Coaching services support parents who want to honor their children’s natural process of development and believe that child choice and voice is critical to heart-centered learning. 


I am a neurodiverse person as well as a licensed special educator. I have a passion for working with parents who are neurodiverse and/or have neurodiverse children. I support parents in creating an environment of learning and living that adapts to the whole-person needs of each family member. I support parents in understanding the cognitive process of academic learning and support families  in creating rituals and rhythms that stimulate these processes while honoring the child and their neurodiversities.  I offer my approach as an alternative to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) which uses unethical methodology to force non-consensual change upon an Autistic person.  


I support parents in growing their capacity to facilitate natural learning experiences and incorporate mindfulness and spiritual practices into the learning environment.