Announcing Family Time!



‘I find joy and excitement in day-to-day

family activities.


I celebrate the simple moments

we spend together as a family.’


In this activity children will practice writing/pre-writing skills by making a flyer announcing an upcoming family activity.



Crayons or markers

Alphabet chart (optional but recommended)


Talk about a simple but fun upcoming activity that your family will be engaging in together later that day or the next day. Examples: a family movie night, a bubble bath with toys, an indoor picnic, breakfast for dinner, a special dessert, family game night, family lego night or other construction challenge, family art time 

Ask your child if they will make a flyer “announcing” that activity.

Ask your child to include:

Location (example: living room, kitchen)

Time (Can be actual time or relative time i.e. “after dinner”)

Who: (name of each family member, don’t forget pets 😊)

What: (name of activity)

Partner write with your child based on their developmental ability. They may want to practice writing each word using correct or incorrect letters or write the first letter for each word and have your write the rest. They may be able to write family members’ names from memory or you may have to write it first on a different piece of paper and have them copy.

Invite your child to decorate the flyer. Have your child read the flyer to each family member and then hang the flyer in a prominent location.

Holistic Engagement

Your child may want to make individual “invitations” for each family member in addition to the flyer.

Your child also may want to make decorations for the family event.

Invite your child to be the event photographer

Invite your child to retell the event to you the following day in the form of a story

Questions to Ask

What are your favorite things to do as a family?

How many times did you write the letter __ in the flyer?

What letters are in your name? Do other family members have some of the same letters that you do?

Mindfulness Prompts

Call your child’s attention to their body when they are experiencing excitement.

Say a word/prayer of gratitude before or after your special family time.

Emphasize that the “specialness” does not come from the activity being elaborate but rather it comes from the time spent together, focusing on one another.

Notice what excitement does to your body.

Image by National Cancer Institute