Chlorophyll Painting



‘The ingenuity of the life process inspires creativity within me.’


In this activity, children will be introduced to the process of photosynthesis by using chlorophyll as an art form.



Green tree leaves (about 20)

Cardstock paper (at least 2 pieces)

Metal spoon

Introduction video to photosynthesis (optional)



Introduce chlorophyll

              The green substance in leaves that is responsible for absorbing the suns light to be used in the process of                  photosynthesis (how a plant makes its food) 


              Watch the following video for an introduction to photosynthesis

Invite your child to collect about 20 green tree leaves

On one piece of cardstock paper draw a tree trunk and place leaves on top of the trunk


Place the other piece of cardstock overtop the paper with the trunk drawing/actual leaves


Use the metal spoon to firmly press on the top piece of card stock where the leaves are. Apply lots of pressure.  


After lifting up the top piece of cardstock there will be your trunk drawing with residue from the chlorophyll


Holistic Engagement

Your child may want to use markers or watercolors to add details to the scene

They may want to use this method to add the color green into other drawings or watercolor paintings

Give your child a magnifying glass to examine the leaf prior and after crushing it for art.

Questions to Ask

What do you notice about the size, shape, and texture of the leaf?

How does the leaf change when you crush it?

What are some other ways you can use the chlorophyll of the leaf in art?

Mindfulness Prompts

Hug the tree and say thank you after taking its leaves

Sit under the tree for a 1-minute mediation

Smell the leaves before and after you crush them

Palm Tree Leaves