Family Time

Counting Your Blessings


‘I recognize the abundance I’ve been blessed with.


I give thanks for my innumerable blessings.’


In this activity children will create a counting book based on things they are grateful for.


A few sheets of blank paper




Introduce the concept of bookmaking to your child. Fold pages of blank paper and put them together so you have a “book” with at least 5 pages (include front/back) for writing.

Partner write the title: Counting My Blessings. Invite your child to illustrate the cover page.

Each page will be a numeral corresponding with blessings. Examples:

              Page 1: 1 Beating Heart

              Page 2: 2 Wonderful Parents

              Page 3: 3 Meals a Day

              Page 4: 4 Loving Pets

              Page 5: 5 Toy Trains

Your child will illustrate each page. Encourage your child to practice writing the numerals and letters/words for the book

Prompt your child to read the book after finishing writing

Holistic Engagement

Read the book before bed as a gratitude reminder

Children interested in higher numbers may want to make a list of 50-100 things they are grateful for. This could be done over the course of a few days.

Children may want to include pages in their book with number up to 10. They may also want to make their book using skip counting (by 2s, 5s, or 10s).

Questions to Ask:

What things are you grateful for? What people? What things that come from the earth?

Mindfulness Prompts

Somethings that we are grateful for can’t be counted such as the sun warming the earth, the oak tree providing shade, the health in your body, the love in a family. At any moment you can look inside yourself to find things to be grateful for. At any moment you can look upon the earth to find things to be grateful for.