Eco Friendly Salt Glitter


‘I am radiant. I am uniquely myself and I let myself shine. 

I choose to live responsibly in a way that protects all life.’


Most traditional store-bought glitter is made from plastic is extremely detrimental to the environment. When glitter (micro-plastic) gets washed down the drain it gets consumed by fish, plankton, and birds contributing threatening the continuation of these species. It is almost impossible to contain glitter and dispose of it properly therefore almost contaminating the natural world.  In this activity your child will learn how to make a glitter alternative that is bright and shiny without the harm.


Epson salt

Bowls or (recycled) plastic bags (1 for each color)

Food coloring (primary colors)


Add salt to bags or bowls.

Add food coloring. Experiment with color making by mixing primary colors.

Dry in oven (Bake at 350F for 10 minutes) or put in sun for a few hours

Store in a mason jar or in glass vials and use as a substitute for glitter in your creative projects

Holistic Engagement

Make predictions about what will happen when you mix primary colors.

Once the salt glitter is dry, mix it together to create colorful mixes. Get creative and make up names for the mixes (for example a blue and green mix could be called ‘Earth Love’, red, yellow, and orange could be called ‘Blazing Fire’).

Explore ratios through making color mixes (i.e. 1 tbsp green: 3tbsp blue) , turn them into fractions and label the storage jars with fractions (i.e. ‘Earth Love- 1/3 green, 2/3 blue).

Dyed salt can also be used as for sensory exploration. With salt in a tray, children can practice drawing or writing letters.

Discuss what other things you can replace around your home/classroom with more eco-friendly options.


Questions to Ask

In what other ways do we live/can we live that are eco friendly?

What ideas do you have for things that we can make with our salt glitter?

What does this color combination remind you of? Can you think of a funny/creative name for it?

Mindfulness Prompts

As you explore the salt with your fingers bring your concentration fully to the touch.

Feel each grain of salt individually. Feel the texture of the many grains together.

Image by Joanna Kosinska