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Home-learning Structures and Support


Are you beginning your homeschooling journey and don't know where to begin?

Do you feel that the public school classroom is not the best fit for your child and are exploring alternative options? 


Do you want an at-home educational program that is customized for your child? 

Are you exploring alternative educational options for your neurodiverse child? 

Emergent Home-learning Structures can help you implement at-home learning practices that promote engagement and concentration. I help you assess your child’s strengths, needs, and interests so you can design a learning program that is customized to their learning style.


Environmental Consultation Services


The physical environment of your at-home learning space plays a critical role in your child’s learning journey. I can provide guidance to help you create an efficient learning space that facilities engagement, concentration, and independent learning.


Rituals and Routines Design 


Consistent learning rituals and routines prime the brain for learning. I help parents create developmentally appropriate routines throughout their at-home learning day. Academic skills as well as mindfulness and social/emotional skills are embedded into these routines.

Holistic Instructional Coaching 

I use my extensive knowledge of child development and instructional strategies to support you in providing the most effective education for your young learners. Using techniques from Montessori, Inquiry-based learning, Waldorf, Reggio-Emilio, and more, I will support you in developing the tools to provide a holistic education that aligns with your values.