Kids Playing Treasure Hunt

Inquiry-based Learning Investigation

Inquiry-based Learning Investigations are multi-week learning plans based on a passion your child would like to dive deeper into. 

Inquiry- Based Learning Investigations 

I collaborate with you to build at-home unit studies that are initiated by your child’s interests. Through careful consideration of your child’s strengths, needs, and developmental abilities as well as your academic goals I can design a 4-8 week Learning Investigation based on the following design principles: 

High-Interest Topic: Learning investigations are a deep dive into exploring content that is of interest to your child. Through developmentally appropriate research, play, and fieldwork, your child will become an expert in the selected topic. 

Real World Problem Solving: By investigating a topic in order to solve a real world problem your child's learning becomes purposeful and practical. Guiding questions invite children to investigate solutions that have practical applications within the context of their life. 

Embedded Math and Literacy:  Math and literacy skills are taught in context, not isolation for purposeful application. Math and literacy instruction is individualized based on the child’s developmental abilities and interest. Math and literacy skills have practical applications within the context of the study. Carefully selected high-interest literature aids in developing content-knowledge and vocabulary as well as social, emotional, and community awareness.

Imaginative Play: If self-actualization is the destination, play is the vehicle. Play is the means by which children can explore and make sense of their place in the world. It encourages self-discovery, problem solving, collaboration, and communication. Imaginative/pretend is joyful and can be a means of working through anxiety, stress, and trauma. Learning Investigations incorporate play opportunities that are carefully sculpted to provide your child with opportunities to grapple with targeted content through self-directed play.