Image by Mila Young

It Looks Like Spilled Milk​



‘I honor the power of transformation,

of perspective taking.

I call in perception and imagination

- the powers of the air element.’








After reading, “It looked like spilled Milk,” by Charles G. Shaw, children will engage in perceptual and imaginative observation of the clouds. Imaginative observations can be transcribed into art/text similar to the style Charles G. Shaw uses and classrooms can make their own book that replicate the styles of Shaw with their own ideas.



“It Looked Like Spilled Milk” by Charles G. Shaw

Blue paper

white paint


Read “It Looked Like Spilled Milk” by Charles G. Shaw.


Go outside and watch the clouds. Make sure to take precautions when looking at the sky, make sure children know to never look directly at the sound.


Invite children to name what the clouds look like to them. Invite them to explain their perspective. Point out what you notice about the size, shape, and structure of the clouds.


Holistic Engagement

Invite children to say the repetitive line “Sometimes it looked like… but it wasn’t …” as you read. Children may want to practice rereading book on their own after the initial read aloud.


After watching the clouds, children may want to paint what they observed/perceived. Provide them with white paint and blue paper to make illustrations that are similar to the text.


They may want to add the repetitive lines from the book either writing them on their illustration themselves or by scribing to you. 


In a group setting you can make a class book using the repetitive lines from the text and the children’s own ideas and illustrations.

Questions to ask

During the reading: What do you think it is?

After the reading: What do you know about clouds? Have you ever carefully watched clouds before?

While observing the clouds: What does it look like to you? Describe why you think it look like (child’s idea) Do you see any clouds that are very similar to each other? Do you think the clouds look like some of the illustrations in the book (spilled milk, ice cream, ect.)

Mindfulness prompts 

Sit comfortably and listen closely to the read aloud.

Lay back comfortably in the grass.

Feel the strong ground beneath you.

Feel yourself rooted safely to mother earth.

Look at the clouds and allow yourself to imagine.