Land art



‘I am grounded.

I look to the beauty of the natural world to reveal the beauty

and creativity from within.

I honor the cycles of the natural world. I embrace change.’ 

This experience invites children to practice careful observation of the natural environment and express inner creativity through the creation of impermanent land art. This is a process-based project where the means is emphasized over the end-product (as the end product only exists temporarily). This activity invites children to practice symbolic thinking, categorization, patterning, and spatial processing skills. 


A natural environment with at least some clear, flat space for land art.

Photos or a tablet with images of example of land art OR Youtube example


Introduce the concept of land art to your children. You can show examples of land art and ask them to describe what they notice about each example.

Bring the children to the outside environment where the child will create their art. Ask the children to describe this environment and to brainstorm ideas for their land art. Talk about the responsible use of living natural things.

Invite your children to start collecting materials and making art.

Holistic Engagement

Bring attention to patterns- both the ones your children are creating and the ones that appear in the natural world.


Model pattern complexity in your art and invite your children to explore pattern complexity in their art.

Children may want to practice letter and number creation/ recognition by making letters/numbers out of the natural materials. Model this and encourage children who are developmentally ready to engage in this.

Invite your children to experiment in photographing their land art. If they are particularly interested in this they may want to research photography techniques to improve this skill.

Observe the changes in your land art over a period of days/weeks as it becomes altered by the elements.

Questions to ask
Why might someone want to make land art?
How can you make sure your land art does not harm the natural environment?

What colors show up the most in your land art?

What patterns have you created in your land art?

Describe your land art.

Describe the part of this natural setting that most inspires your land art.

Mindful Prompts

Sit in stillness before collecting materials and making art.

Breathe with the natural world.

Listen to the sounds around you.

Ask permission before you take and use.

Feel the solidness of the ground beneath you.

Image by Austin Neill