Making Paper Craft Art

These learning invitations are holistic engaging activities to do as a family. They are designed to engage mixed age groups of children 3-10. 

They include nature-based play, child-directed art, engaging book activities, practical life and more. Ways to practice mindfulness in every activity. Ideas to embed academic skills support a range of developmental abilities. Minimal materials required. 

Child Picking Fruit

The Honorable Harvest

Expanding Gratitude

Expanding Gratitude

Land Art

Land Art

Image by Bastien Ruhland

Grapes to Raisins

Nature Brushes

Nature Brushes

Apple Berry Smoothie

Yogurt Painting


I Can Only Draw Worms

Old Globe

How Many Ways Can You Say Hello?

Image by ahmad kanbar

Burrowing Deep

Walking in the Woods

Tallying Nature

Magazine Story

Magazine Stories

Image by National Cancer Institute

Announcing Family Time

Image by Vivek Doshi

Our Tree

Making Paper Craft Art

Mealtime Blessing Mats

Image by Ewa Pinkonhead

Nature Memory Matching

Pink and Salty

Eco Friendly Salt Glitter

Stones on Mosaic Bowl

Number Stones

Image by Lo Sarno

It Looks Like Spilled Milk

Image by Annie Spratt

Sticking with Imagination

Image by Nick Collins

A Beeter Way to Upcycle Fabric

Happy Twins

A Happy Place

Image by Karim Sakhibgareev

Floating Along