Magazine Stories 



‘I honor my inner story teller.


I listen to the stories that others have to tell.'


In this activity children are invited to make an illustrated story using magazine cut-outs and their own drawings. Children will be engaged in oral and written story telling prompts.


Recycled magazines or advertising inserts






Have your child cut out 2-3 magazine images that interest them ( Examples : animals, food, nature items, landscapes ,ect).

Prompt them to make up a story in which these items interact.

Invite them to glue the magazine images on the paper and draw their own images to illustrate the story.

Encourage details in their illustrations and storytelling.

On a separate piece of paper, partner write by scribing their story for them. Allow them opportunities to practice writing letters, words, and sentences based on their pre-writing/writing abilities.
















Holistic Engagement

Encourage your child to tell the story multiple times. Use audio or video recording and give children the opportunity to watch themselves and refine their storytelling.

Model storytelling by telling your own story in which you emphasize pacing and inflection.

Children especially interested in this activity may want to make many illustrations that represent a multi-part story or put many pages together to make a book. Help your child organize their ideas by helping them structure a beginning, middle, and end.

Questions to Ask

Who are the characters in your story?

Why did you choice those magazine pictures?

What parts of your story do you have to draw (Which parts are not represented by your magazine pictures?)?

What is the most exciting part of your story?

Where does your story take place?

What happens in the beginning, middle, and end of your story?

How can you use hand motions and voice volume to tell your story?

Mindfulness prompts:

“Take a moment to close your ideas before you begin telling your story. Take a deep breath in and out and clear your head of all other thoughts but your story. Picture the story actions in your mind as you tell the story.”

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