Exploring the Nazca Lines through Art



‘I bow to the great mysteries of the earth

through exploring the world’s great wonders,


I expand my perspective.’


In this activity, children will be invited to discover the Peruvian Nazca Lines and channel their own spiritually-inspired creativity through making their own art replicas


Cardstock paper


Liquid glue

Thick paintbrush

Thin paintbrush (you will be using the end side and not the brush side) or instrument with similar rounded end

Red and brown paint (optional)

Resources for Learning about the Nazca Lines





Explore the above resources on the Nazca Lines

Discuss how the geoglyphs depicted images that were spiritually symbolic to the Nazca people

        For example, the condor was considered sacred as it was believed to fly between the realms of gods and men

Make your own “Nazca” illustration

              Mix 2 parts glue to 1 part paint

              Add sand to the mixture (about half as much sand as paint-glue mixture)

              Spread mixture all over the cardstock using the thick paintbrush to represent the desert

              Now take the end of a small paint brush and etch a design into your desert

              Prompt your child to think of an element of nature that has significance for them to create as their Nazca                drawing

Holistic Engagement

Explore other resources on the Nazca Lines: https://kids.kiddle.co/Nazca_Lines

Explore Peru’s most famous ancient site Machu Pichu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cVSWA37xiI

Discuss the symbols that are significant in your culture/faith

Questions to Ask

Why to you think the Nazca lines were created? How?  No one knows exactly why or how. Explore your thinking and come up with your own theory.

What symbol did you chose to create and why? If someone flew over your drawing a thousand years from now what would they learn about you/your culture?

Mindfulness Prompts

Close your eye before your start etching your drawing. What symbols hold meaning for you?

Imagine if you saw your life from the point of view of an eagle flying above. What perspective would you have?

Image by Marco Topete