How To Choose Home Education Programs That Are Right For You

From virtual schools to comprehensive curriculum to online games, choosing the right homeschooling programs for your family can be overwhelming to say the least! There are literally hundreds of learning resources out there for the homeschooling family and Emergent Expressions is here to help you utilize the resources that work for you!

Step 1: Decide your Approach

Knowing what you are looking for can help narrow down your search.

Do want you a comprehensive curriculum that includes everything you need to teach your child at home? Do you want to customize your home learning program to meet your child's individual special needs? Do you want supplementary academic materials for a child-led learning journey? Are you looking for live classes or virtual school enrollment options?

Things to consider:

What your educational philosophy is.

How much time you have as a parent to instruct your child each day.

How much time and energy you want to put forth in planning and organizing.

How much structure is important to you.

If state/common-core standards-aligned education is important to you.

Step 2: How does your child learn best?

The biggest benefit to homeschooling is that you get to design a learning program that meets your child's learning needs/preferences! Get to know what engages your child.

What is your child drawn to? Does your child spend their day in movement? Do they like to engage in online games? Do they like to create? What type of activities can they engage in independently? What are their strengths? What are the areas of growth and development they need the most support in?

Home education makes it possible for children to actively and eagerly engage in their own learning. Choose programs based on your child's interests and when possible ask for your child's input before purchasing a curriculum or program.

Step 3: What is the learning environment like? What is your teaching style?

It's important to choose programs that work within the learning environment you are creating. Knowing your teaching style is critical to finding programs that are easy for you to implement.

What is your organization style? Will you be creating an indoor classroom? Will you be teaching outdoors? Do you like structure or flexibility? How much time to you plan to spend learning in activities outside of the home? Do you have work commitments that require your child to spend time independently learning? Will multiple adults be facilitating your children's home education?

Home learning environments and structures do not need to look like a typical classroom but they do need to work for you.

Step 4:

Explore available programs.

Emergent Expressions has a resource list to help parents searching for programs.

Emergent Expressions Pre-K-Middle School Learning Resources

Still want support?

Emergent Expressions offers free 30 minute consultations and can help you find programs right for your family's specific needs. Schedule yours now.

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