Emergent Expressions Services

Practicing emergence means being conscious that our day-to-day interactions shape constant change. Coaching services are for parents committed to growing their capacity to educate their children mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Home Education Support 

Homeschooling culture is diverse and rooted in various theories, practices, and belief systems. Coaching services support parents who want to honor their children’s natural process of development as well as their child's voice and choice. 


I am a neurodiverse person as well as a licensed special educator. I have a passion for working with parents who are neurodiverse and/or have neurodiverse children. I support parents in creating an environment of learning and living that adapts to the whole-person needs of each family member. I support parents in understanding the cognitive process of academic learning and support families  in creating rituals and rhythms that stimulate these processes while honoring the child and their neurodiversities.  I offer my approach as an alternative to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) which uses unethical methodology to force non-consensual change upon an Autistic person.  


I support parents in growing their capacity to facilitate natural learning experiences and incorporate mindfulness and spiritual practices into the learning environment. 


Services for Microschools and Cooperatives 

Emergent Expressions offers inclusion support consultations for Microschools, Copperatives, Pods, and other small privately owns schools and education programs that align with Emergent Expression's education mission. 

I believe in a microschool revolution that can uproot the traditional systems in favor of liberatory education for all. I offer inclusion support to micro-schools including or considering including Neurodiverse and/or Disabled students. After an initial consultation, I work with microschools to implement practices that will ensure the students success in their program.


I also offer micro schools support in evaluating whether their program has the capacity to meet the needs of current and prospective students as well as offer services in increasing their capacity to serve a spectrum of neurotypes and abilities. 


Dayana Juski, Early Childhood Educator

Kaitlin Coppola is a sensitive, engaged and knowledgeable educator, who provides teachers, families and children with wonderful and efficient resources to each individual case. Her experience allows her to develop techniques and activities that are responsive to a child's culture, essence, and interests, and she can really help with identifying a child's needs (learning needs, connection needs, challenges, etc). She has helped me as an educator to find my own answers when dealing with challenging behaviors in the classroom, and she did that through personal connection, based on what felt right to me, according to my values and educational philosophy. She is really good at what she does, and just willing and available to be an educational partner focusing on what's best for the child.


Melissa Saavedra and Misty Manzanares, Parents of Matthew and Maxwell

Kaitlin has been a wonderful human in the lives of our two boys. A great educator. A great role model. She has promoted and nurtured my kiddos' imagination through expression, reading, and play. They absolutely love her!

"Both of my boys were in Kaitlin’s class. She was the best teacher ever! They both were on IEPs and needed a lot of extra attention. Her patience and creativity was incredible. My boys are both doing really well and I give most of the credit to her hard work and dedication. They excelled having her as a teacher, she helped them build a solid foundation to do better academically and socially."

-Anonymous Parent


Lauren Forsythe, School Pyschologist

Kaitlin is a passionate and skilled educator. As a school psychologist supporting students with whom Kaitlin worked, I have had the honor of collaborating with Kaitlin in many problem-solving situations. Kaitlin is extremely knowledgeable about academic and behavioral interventions for students with a wide range of needs. I have observed Kaitlin to lay a very strong groundwork with her students and their families, using honest and supportive communication. She knows the environmental supports that allow most children to be successful, but also knows what strategies to put into place when kids are struggling with more significant needs. She has a lovely way of connecting with both children and adults, and works extremely hard to be creative in her approaches to family supports. Kaitlin possesses both the knowledge and the heart to make a difference in the lives of families with whom she works.

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