The Most Magnificent Thing Part 1:

Growth Mindset and

Working Through Frustration



‘I have a growth mindset and have the tools to

work through frustration.

I model overcoming challenges and frustration

appropriately to help my child develop this ability.’



Through the read aloud The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires, children will discover the importance of growth mindset when presented with challenges.


The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires




Read The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires.

Unpack the read aloud by having a book discussion:

              What did the girl do when her first design didn’t work? (tried and tried again)


               How was the girl feeling after many, many attempts at her design? Frustrated What happened when she                   got frustrated? She hurt her finger How did she work through her frustration? She took a break- she went                 on a walk, ate a snack, and focused her attention on something happy (watched balloons)


                What happened after the girl worked through her frustration? She learned from her previous trials and                      tried again and succeeded

Text-to-self connection

         Discuss growth mindset. Growth mindset is the belief that success comes from practice and hard work rather             than fixed levels of intelligence. Talk about things that used to be challenging for you that you now have                   mastered.

         Invite your child to tell a story about a time they learned something new. How did they persevere through                 their frustration?

Make a list of strategies with your child that they can use when they feel frustrated. Examples: take a deep breath, take a walk, do some exercise, ask for a bear hug, scream into a pillow, count to 10, ect.

Journal: Invite your child to illustrate one to the strategies from your list. Partner write using this sentence stem When I feel frustrated, I can…

Holistic Engagement

Unpack and define new vocabulary

         From text: trial, assistant, antennae

         Relevant vocabulary: determination, challenge, perseverance  

Invite you child to retell the story using beginning, middle, and end vocabulary

Explore Youtube Resources that go into depth around growth mindset:

When you child uses phrases such as “ I can’t do it,” reframe their language to include the word “yet.”

Explore growth mindset parent resources and use language with your child that promotes growth mindset (Example: “You spent a long time practicing that piano piece in order to master it” rather than “You great at the piano”)

Questions to Ask

What is a challenge? What challenges have you overcome?

What makes you feel frustrated? What are some strategies you can use to work through frustration?

Mindfulness Prompts

Prompt your child to take deep breaths at the onset of their frustration and invite them to name their frustration.