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Certified Special Educator, Master's in Teaching

I believe in child-directed learning as the vehicle driving authentic education.

I am a radical educator using my gifts in service of my vision. Informed by both spirit and science, I believe the purpose of education should be the self-actualization of the child. Effective education guides children into their power, helps them recognize and honor their gifts, expands their consciousness and capacity for compassion, and gives them the tools to express their highest creative selves. 

As a classroom teacher, I felt honored to facilitate authentic learning experiences and promote social and emotional wellness among my students. Seeing young children embrace their authenticity and develop a passion for learning brings me the highest kind of joy. And while I found a deep sense of purpose in educating children from my community (especially those who were neurodiverse or had development differences) I became disillusioned with the public school system. The way it encourages competition and standardization over self-actualization can demoralize children and their families. Additionally, the innumerable inequities that bar access to this kind of system do not align with my values as an educator.

I have a Master’s in Teaching in Early Childhood Special Education as well as a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology both from the University of Virginia.  My early experiences in teaching include Head Start classrooms and in-home services in rural Virginia. More recently, I have served students and families in Denver Public Schools in a variety of roles including Early Childhood Special Educator, Instructional Coach, and Early Childhood Education (ECE) Classroom Teacher. I taught in an EL Education School and facilitated the creation and implementation of ECE learning expeditions. 

It is through understanding my own neurodiversity that I have been able to thoroughly and accurately guide both neurotypical and neurodiverse parents in creating a home education plan that accommodates both the needs of the parents and the child. 

Emergent Expressions was founded to support the liberation and self-actualization of the next generation by promoting child-centered educational practices.

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