Ocean Rocks

Development Support Services 


Does your child have a developmental delay that impacts how they function within your home environment?


Do you want to support your child’s ability to participate in family activities and routines?


Would you like your child to better regulate their emotions and express their needs and wants? 

Consultation Programs 

My consultation programs customizes research-based intervention methods to meet the developmental needs of your child.  Through collaborative coaching, we will build intervention programs that help address areas of need by building on your child’s strengths and incorporating their interests while taking into consideration the logistical needs and values of your family.


Adaptive Skills 


Collaborative consultation programs can help your child engage better in daily self-care routines such as bedtime, bath time, and mealtimes and adaptive skills such as toilet training and dressing. 


Social Integration and Play Skills 

Our relationships and our ability to feel connected within our social context are critical to our overall well-being. I can support you in explicit instruction of social skills such as how to teach your child to initiate and sustain play with a group of peers, how to balance the needs of self and others in group situations, and how to appropriately assess and respond to the emotions of others. 

Emotional Regulation 

Our ability to regulate our emotions are foundational to our ability to learn. I can provide support in helping you teach your child how to identify emotions within themselves, appropriately express their wants and needs, follow household/learning routines and tolerate non-preferred activities.