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Child-Centered Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension instructional practices in the US public education system emphasize skills needed to master testing standards. Practices include testing interactions before, during, and after teaching. Oftentimes the emphasis on testing and data collection overtakes teaching time. Working with homeschoolers has allowed me to shift toward a child-centered approach to reading comprehension. Child-centered instruction aims to support academic growth while honoring the chil

Why Neurodiverse Children Need Neurodiverse Educators

During my first year as a special educator in the public school system, I was recognized for my ability to support Autistic and neurodivergent children as well as children with trauma histories. I was immediately identified as someone with a strong ability to provide care when a child was in crisis and was often asked to train others in inclusion strategies and how to respond in when a child was in crisis. I was often asked what my “secret” was and it was assumed that my skil

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