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Resource Review: Epic! books

Link: Cost: 7.99 USD per month Ages: The website says 12 and under but I’ve used it with older ND children This is a resource I use daily when working with homeschoolers. It has over 40,000 virtual ebooks, audiobooks, and educational videos. Pros: Amazing non-fiction selections A great resource when following student interests Many books have a “Read to Me” option with a natural voice reading aloud while the app highlights each word as it is read. this is a really

Integrating Science and Reading Comprehension

#homeschool #specialeducation #tutoring #reading #readingcomprehension #science #autism #adhd Integrating interest-based science concepts has been key to the reading comprehension gains of my students. This is especially true for my Autistic students who have a preference for non-fiction reading material. Integrating science into reading comprehension not only engages students but also develops essential background knowledge and vocabulary needed for reading comprehension su

Child-Centered Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension instructional practices in the US public education system emphasize skills needed to master testing standards. Practices include testing interactions before, during, and after teaching. Oftentimes the emphasis on testing and data collection overtakes teaching time. Working with homeschoolers has allowed me to shift toward a child-centered approach to reading comprehension. Child-centered instruction aims to support academic growth while honoring the chil

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