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Resource Review: Epic! books


Cost: 7.99 USD per month

Ages: The website says 12 and under but I’ve used it with older ND children

This is a resource I use daily when working with homeschoolers. It has over 40,000 virtual ebooks, audiobooks, and educational videos.


  • Amazing non-fiction selections

  • A great resource when following student interests

  • Many books have a “Read to Me” option with a natural voice reading aloud while the app highlights each word as it is read. this is a really helpful way to teach print-tracking to beginning readers.

  • Immense Audiobook selection

  • Quizzes at the end of many books can be used to support comprehension

  • Kids can earn badges for reading multiple books on the same topic. They can also unlock “Reading Buddies” characters for spending time reading.


  • Some of the books have smaller print and while there is a “Zoom In” tool that allows the print to be magnified my students have found that the tool is frustrating to use and the book can be harder to navigate on “Zoom In” mode.

  • Not a great selection of decodable early readers

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