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21 Life Skills for Homeschoolers

As a special educator who works with homeschoolers, developing life skills is a priority for most of my students and families. Life skills are the skills needed to meet one’s needs with increasing independence and live autonomously.

Life skills are important for all children not just children with disabilities. Life skills may look different depending on the child, their abilities, needs, interests, and age. I collaborate with parents to embed life skills into academic learning in our virtual tutoring sessions while parents support the practical application of these skills at home.

I like to integrate academic learning (reading comprehension, writing, science, and social studies) into teaching life skill topics. Below are 21 life skills that can benefit all children.

Combination of Academic + Life Skills Topics

  1. The benefits of physical activity/exercise and how to incorporate preferred physical activity into daily life

  2. The basics of nutrition, meal planning, shopping, and food preparation

  3. The benefits of drinking water

  4. Human body systems and managing medical care routines

  5. Understanding and navigating anxiety and other strong emotions

  6. The benefits of rest and sleep

  7. Gardening

  8. Organization strategies for personal belongings

  9. Community economics, personal finance, and understanding advertisements

  10. Cause and Effect social/life scenarios

  11. Understanding weather forecasts and natural disaster preparation

  12. Personal hygiene

  13. Researching interests and inquiries

  14. Caring for pets and plant life

  15. Personal power routines for morning and evening

  16. List-making, note-taking, and annotation

  17. Calendar skills and scheduling

  18. How to read directions and recipes

  19. Internet safety and communicating online

  20. Basic first aid

  21. Effective conflict resolution

What life skills do you feel are most important? What are you teaching that's not on this list? Comment below.

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