Rerooting into the Purpose of Education 


Emergent expressions was founded to reimagine how  education structures can support the liberation and self-actualization of the next generation. It is our mission to support the reclamation of  education through heart-centered approaches and a commitment to justice and equity.

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Image by Jirasin Yossri

Emergent Expressions offers coaching and consultation services for homeschooling parents and microschools. Services specialize in the holistic support and inclusion of Neurodiverse children. Services honor the child as well as the perspective of the Neurodiverse community

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Nueva Geración

Nueva Geración supports children in fulfilling their soul purpose through child-centered education. Sacred Valley, Peru. COMING JULY 2021


Hands in the Soil
Meet Kaitlin


I am a neurodiverse early childhood special educator who believes in education aimed at self-actualization. 

I believe reclaiming the way we educate our children is critical to the decolonization and rewilding of our world